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"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better"
- Maya Angelou

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Rust - Learning Resources 
Suggested site content viewing order for Rust
Starter Trail Start, Tooling, Data, Facts, Data Str, Conversions, Collections, Safety, ErrHndlg, Options, Rust Libs, Rust Tour (pdf), Debugging Rust (pdf)
Intermediate Trail Rust Bites, Rust Story, Idioms & Patterns, BuildOn, Rust Models (pdf) Rust Error Handling (pdf)
Advanced Trail Rust Repositories, Comm Compare, Rust std library, Rust References
Selected Code Trail Rust playground, std libs, Error Handling, Design Bites, ThreadPool, Comm Compare
Rust References Trail
Rust (Programming Language) - Wikipedia Well written summary of the Rust language.
Considering Rust - Feb 2020 - Jon Gjengset Great what-is-it video, with code snippets and a lot of mind setting conversation by a very knowledgable presenter.
What is Rust - Jun 2015 - Alex Crichton Fast-paced tour of Rust by one of the primary developers. Still very relevant.
Programming Rust Very well crafted physical book on Rust. Broad coverage, clear prose, lots of well thought-out diagrams. Highly recommended.
Little Book of Rust Books Excellent collection of web-based books about Rust. They start from basic self-teaching materials to quite advanced works for the experienced developer.
Rust Cheat-Sheet Extensive collection of well-organized code snippets, comments, and diagrams.
Tour of Rust Almost complete coverage of Rust in tiny steps, each with playground examples.
Rust std library Documentation for Rust std library - clear descriptions, examples, source code
Rust Anthology This is a somewhat out of date (2015) discussion of some of Rust's technical details that are otherwise found only in scattered posts.
Crates.io Rust community platform for sharing Rust code - widely used.
lib.rs An organized collection of Rust libraries, almost all from Crates.io.
References from this site
RustModels.pdf Presents ideas on which Rust is based.
Rust Story Narrative discussion of Rust Language and some of its libraries.
Rust Bites Small techical discussions of a single Rust topic.
Rust Story References Links to basic, intermediate, and advanced topics.
connected sequences of pages on same topic
Rust Story narrative discussion in 7 chapters, with examples and exercizes
Prologue, Models, Data, Operations, Structs, Libraries, References
Rust Bites Sequence of Bites, each focused on one Rust feature
Intro, Starting, Tooling, Safety, UndefBehavior, Data, FlashCards, Facts, Strings, DataStructs, SmartPtrs, LifeCycle, Ownership, Generics&Traits, Functions, Structs, LifeTime, Abstractions, Enumerations, ErrHandling, Options, Conversions, Collections, Iterators, Idiomatic code, Macros, Threads, Sync, Channels, RegEx, Hacks & Helpers, CodeExperiments, Glossary
Rust Animations Code examples using Rust Playground
RustPlaygroundExamples Glossary
BuildOn Code
Sequence of steps for guided implementation of modest size Rust project
Intro, Step #0 - TF, Step #1 - Ts, Step #2 - DN, Step #3 - CP, Step #4 - Ex, Step #5 - RE, Step #6 - Par, DebuggingRust.pdf
Build-On.pdf, Build-On-2.pdf, Build-On-3.pdf, Build-On-4.pdf, Build-On-5.pdf, Build-On-6.pdf, Build-On-7.pdf
BuildOn-#1 Video, BuildOn-#2 Video, BuildOn-#3 Video, BuildOn-#4 Video, BuildOn-#5 Video, BuildOn-#6 Video
Idioms & Patterns Sequence of code idioms showing code fragments comparing C++, Rust, C#
Tooling, Hello World, Hello Objects, Hello Libs Hello Data, Basic DIP, Generic DIP, Iteration,
C++ Story narrative discussion in 13 chapters, with examples and exercizes
Prologue, Models, Survey, Data, Operations, Classes, Class Rel, Templates, TMP, Libraries, Streams, STL Libs, Interesting
Other Stories Guest stories
MLips - Mike Corley, ∞ Data Library - Alexey Zaitsev
Design Bites Short sequence of Bites focusing on different aspects of software design, motivated by the BuildOn TextFinder project.
Intro, Motivation, Basic, Factored, DataFlow, TypeErase, PlugIn Design Phil.
Blogs Opinion pieces about software construction practices and artifacts.
First Things, SW Design, Design Principles OO Design Object Models Scopes and Global Data Concept Document SW Testing Summer Reading SW Structure Msg-Passing Comm Active Objects NoSql DB Source Code Parsing Code Analyzer M-ary Tree Graph Lib File System
Code Repositories
Collection of utilities, tools, components, libraries, projects, demos
Rust Reusable code and examples written in Rust 1.49
RustLogger, RustTextFinder, RustBlockingQueue, RustThreadPool, RustCmdLine, RustDisplayLib, RustDirNav, RustComm, RustCommWithThreadPool, RustCommExperiments, RustStringConversions, RustByteRecord, RustBasicDemos, RustErrorHandling, RustModels, RustLibraryDemos, RustStoryRepo, RustBiteByByte, IdiomsAndPatterns, BuildOn RustPlaygroundExamples
C++ Reusable code and examples written in C++ 20.
CppUtilities, FileUtilities, Testing, Logger, TextFinder, Duplicates, FileDates, FileSizes, FindFiles, CodeWebifier, PrettyPrint, CppBlockingQueue, FileManager, CppProperties, ThreadPool, CppNoSqlDb, Process, CppConcurrentFileAccess, CppLexicalScanner, ReTryWrapper, FileSystem, Sockets, XmlDocument, CppGraph, CppParser, CppCodeAnalyzer, CppCommWithFileXfer, CppHttpClientServer, CppBasicDemos, STR, CompoundObjects, ObjectFactories, TemplateTechniques, STL-Containers, IOStreams, CppThreads, ProcsAndThreads, Interop, CppModelsRepo, CppStoryRepo,
C# Code examples written in C# 9
Diff_WPF, CsBlockingQueue, CsNavigator, Concurrent File Access, CsGraph, CsParser CsXDocument, CsDependencyAnalysis, CsCommPrototype, CsRemotePluggableRepo, CsBasicDemos, Cs_WCF_Demos, Cs_WPF_Demos, CsProcess, CsPublisherSubscriber,
JavaScript Code demos
WebComponents, WebLibraries, SitePages, Site StoryTeller, WebComponent Tests
Other Repos Place for code that has no other place
CommCompare, DesignBites, IdiomsAndPatterns
Computer Engineering
Software Engineering Design, Testing, UML, Software Structure Research,
Operating system concepts Just diagrams, will add discussion MemoryMapping.pdf, Process.pdf, Windows.pdf, Win32Sockets.pdf
BuildOn Build-On.pdf, Build-On.pptx
Build-On-2.pdf, Build-On-2.pptx
Build-On-3.pdf, Build-On-3.pptx
Build-On-4.pdf, Build-On-4.pptx
Build-On-5.pdf, Build-On-5.pptx
Build-On-6.pdf, Build-On-6.pptx
Build-On-7.pdf, Build-On-7.pptx
Rust Language RustTourAbbrev.pdf, RustModels.pdf, RustErrorHandling.pdf
DebuggingRust.pdf, DebuggingRust.pptx
C++ Language CppModels.pdf, SurvivalGuide.pdf, ThreadsWinAndCpp11.pdf, Win32Sockets.pdf, iostreams.pdf, ClassRelationships.pdf, ClassesAndObjects.pdf, vtbl.pdf, Templates.pdf, STL.pdf, Software topics AsynchSys.pdf, SoftwareStructure.pdf, SoftwareStructureResearch.pdf, ProjectCenterUseCases.pdf, Site topics PublishingSourceCode.pdf, Other topics WindowsPresentationFoundation.pdf, WindowsCommunicationFoundation.pdf,
video playlists  
Rust BuildOn #1
- What is Rust? Omits, Changes, Requires, Supports
BuildOn #2
- Rust projects, Code samples, TextSearch
BuildOn #3
- TextSearch soln, Enums, Err Handling, Code samples, DirNav
BuildOn #4
- DirNav soln, CmdlnParser, iterators, idiomatic code
BuildOn #5
- CmdlnParser, integration, macros, VS Code dbg
BuildOn #6
- integration, RegEx, Interior Mutability
Comparing C++ vs Rust - part #1
- Ground rules for comparison
Comparing C++ vs Rust - part #2
- Project-based comparison
Comparing C++ vs Rust - part #3
- Conclusions
Introduction to Rust Models 
Ownership Model;
Object Model 
Rust Code Structure 
C++ C++ Models - Part 1, code structure
C++ Models - Part 2, compilation and execution
C++ Models - Part 3, memory and class models
C++ Models - Part 4, C++ object ,odel
C++ Models - Part 5, Polymorphism
C++ Models - Part 6, templates
Site Publishing Code 
Tech Links
RegEx Cheat Sheet - MDN Dense collection of regex syntax, no examples
RegEx Guide - MDN Lots of examples
PowerShell 7.1 a.k.a. PowerShell Core - overview. Runs on Windows 10, Debian Linux Distros, macOS
PowerShell Cheat Sheet Dense page of PowerShell helpers
Windows Subsystem for Linux Load a bare-bones distro from the Microsoft Store. Can add features with apt-get install.
Windows Terminal Tabbed terminal display from Microsoft Store supporting PowerShell, Cmd, Bash, Azure Cloud
X Server - github project, VcXsrv - SourceForge Windows X Server - enables graphical applications like Nautilus in WSL
Scaling Yourself Pragmatic take on being productive by Scott Hanselman of dotnet fame.
3Blue1Brown (videos),
3Blue1Brown website
Eclectic collection of math oriented videos by Grant Sanderson.
Map of Math (video) Narrated map of Mathematics - areas and ideas
Map of Computer Science (video) Narrated map of Computer Science - areas and ideas
Map of Physics (video) Narrated map of Physics - areas and ideas
Map of Quantum Physics (video) Narrated map of Quantum Physics - areas and ideas