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Video, Presentation, Code Description C++ Models video sequence C++ Models describes eight fundamental models for the C++ language: Code Structure, Compilation, Program Execution, Use of Memory, Classes, Object Model, and Templates. CppModels.pdf, CppModels code pdf slides and code discussed in C++ videos C++ Models - Part 1 (video)
Part 1 - Code Structure discusses structure with an example that uses an executive and two components, one with an interface and object factory. C++ Models - Part 2 (video) Part 2 - Compilation and Execution. Compilation model discusses preprocessor and operations of the compile-link-load tool chain. Execution model focuses on function stack frames, memory, and use of streams. C++ Models - Part 3 (video) Part 3 - Memory and Class models. Memory model discusses use of static, stack, and heap memory. Class Model illustrates relationships between code in static memory and objects in stack memory. C++ Models - Part 4 (video) Part 4 - C++ Object Model. The Object model is concerned with layout of code in memory and how that affects construction. C++ Models - Part 5 (video) Part 5 - C++ Polymorphism. Discusses how virtual function dispatching works and why you should know about that. C++ Models - Part 6 (video) Part 5 - C++ templates and conclusions. The templates model discusses how template code generation works and mentions briefly template function overloading and template class specialization. The conclusions provide information about where to find the models presentation and code. Rust Models video sequence   Rust Models presents 5 core models for the Rust language: Type Safety, Ownership, Object Model, Generics, and Code Structure  RustModels.pdf, RustModels Code pdf slides and code presented in Rust videos Introduction to Rust (video)  Part 1 - Introduction to Rust: setting up environment, hello_world, video studio code Rust Ownership (video)  Part 2 - Rust Ownership Model: type safety, mutability, moving, copying, references. Rust Object Model (video)  Part 3 - Rust Object Model: structure and relationships with small code fragments. Rust Generics (video)  Part 4 - Rust Generics: Syntax and implementation. Rust Code Structure (video)  Part 5 - Rust code structure and execution. RustErrorHandling.pdf , RustErrorHandling code Rust error handling using panic, Result<T, E>, match, let if, and error event bubbling. Rust BuildOn video sequence   BuildOn is a sequence of videos about learning Rust by building projects  Rust BuildOn video #1   BuildOn orientation, walk through website, What is Rust? Omits, Changes, Requires, and Supports  Rust BuildOn video #2   TextFinder, TextSearch, Rust Libraries, Data, Safety, playground examples  Rust BuildOn video #3   DivNav, Generics, Enumerations, Options, & Error Handling  Rust BuildOn video #4   CmdlnParser, Iterators, Idiomatic Rust  Rust BuildOn video #5   CmdlnParser, integrating parts, macros, VS Code debugging  Rust BuildOn video #6   Integrating parts, RegExp, Interior Mutability (first part of Threads)  About this site Site design for publishing code  Publishing Code (video), PublishingSourceCode.pdf
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